2nd Team Fixtures 18-19

Hesketh Bank 2nd Team

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DateOpponentMatch TypeVenueTimeWin/Draw/LossScore
 Weds 12-09-18 Southport 5League 1 Southport College 7pmLoss 5-3 
 POSTPONEDOrmskirk 4League 2Tarleton Academy7pm
Weds 26-09-18 Woodvale 7League 3Tarleton Academy7pm Loss5-3 
 Weds 03-10-18 Ormskirk 4League 2Tarleton Academy7pmPOSTPONED  
 Thurs 11-10-18Mawdesley 5  League 4Burscough SC7.40pm Win6-2 
 Weds 17-10-18 Formby Meths 1  League 5Tarleton Academy7pm Win8-0 
 Weds 24-10-18Burscough Pioneers 3League 6Burscough SC 7pmWin 5-3 
 Tues 30-10-18Southport 6 League Cup R2  Southport College7pm Win 6-2 
 Weds 07-11-18Ormskirk 4 Watkinson R1  Tarleton Academy7pm Win 393-327 
 Mon 12-11-18Southport 5 League Cup Semi Southport College7pm Win5-3 
 Weds 14-11-18St Cuthberts 3League 7Tarleton Academy7pm Win6-2 
 Tues 20-11-18Tarleton 4 League 8Burscough SC 7pm  Losing Draw 4-4 (10-9)
 Weds 28-11-18Ormskirk 4  League 2 (re-arranged date)Tarleton Academy 7pm Win 7-1 
Weds 05-12-18Southport 6 League 9 Tarleton Academy 7pm Win 8-0 
 Weds 12-12-18 Southsands 5Watkinson R2 Tarleton Academy7pm Win 394-378 
 Thurs 13-12-18St Cuthberts 3--  CUP FINAL --Greenbank7pmWin 6-2 
 Weds 09-01-19Southport 5League 10  Tarleton Academy7pm Winning Draw 4-4 
 Thurs 24-01-19 Woodvale 5 Watkinson R3 Trafalgar Road7pm Loss 382-353 
Weds 23-01-19Woodvale 7Shield R1  Tarleton Academy7pm  Win9-3 
 Wed 30-01-19Woodvale 7League 12 Greenbank7pm Win7-1 
 Mon 04-02-19 Ormskirk 4League 11 Ormskirk School 7pm  Win8-0 
 Weds 06-02-19Mawdesley 5League 13 Tarleton Academy 7pm  Win6-2 
 Weds 13-02-19 Formby Meths 1League 14 Elbow Lane 7pm Win 7-1 
 Weds 20-02-19Burscough Pioneers 3 Shield R2 Tarleton Academy 7pm  Win7-5 
 Weds 27-02-19Burscough Pioneers 3League 15Tarleton Academy 7pm  Win5-3 
 Mon 04-03-19 St Cuthberts 3League 16St Cuthberts Hall7pm WIn 5-3
 Fri 15-03-19St Cuthberts 2 Shield SemiSouthport Hospital  7.15pmLoss 8-4 
 Weds 20-03-19 Tarleton 4League 17 Tarleton Academy7pm  Loss5-3 
 Weds 27-03-19 Southport 6League 18Southport College  7pm Win 6-2